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Mediation services for Farmington New Mexico and San Juan County.

Welcome to Magnolia Mediations site for information about facilitation services to clients and families, schools, businesses and organizations. Magnolia Mediation is located in Farmington New Mexico and serves clients in San Juan County and the greater Four Corners area.

When Can You Use Mediation?
Post-Divorce Modifications
Prenuptial Agreements
Dissolution Of Non-Marital Relationships
Contract Disputes
Real Estate Disputes
Insurance Claims
Victim-Offender Issues
School Site Conflicts
Partnership Dissolutions
Neighborhood Disputes
Labor-Management Disputes
Sexual Harassment Claims
Employment Termination Issues
Construction Defect Claims
Product Liability Claims
Adoption Planing
Estate Distribution Disputes

Mediation is not legal representation or therapy. Mediation is a "Process". The strength of a mediated agreement is that both parties build it together. The process requires each person to recognize and make accommodations. The mediator will help you imagine and create your own solutions that meet both your interests and needs.

Using lawyers and courts to resolve disputes can be expensive, time-consuming, and frustrating. Fortunately, you have alternatives that are likely to produce more satisfying results. The first step is to understand that most conflicts are resolvable and that even the most impossible case can usually be settled quickly and inexpensively out of court.

Mediation can work, whether you are involved in a divorce, a contract dispute, an automobile accident claim or any other type of case that would normally be handled in court.

Why Choose Mediation?
You Decide What's Fair
You Create a Custom Plan
You Control the Outcome
It's a Time Saver
It's Cheaper Than Litigation
It Gets The Job Done
It's Private
It's Safe
It's Legal

What does a mediator do?

The mediators' job is to help opposing parties come to mutual resolutions on their various sticking points. It offers a neutral arena fully equipped with impartial facilitation.

About the Mediator

Magnolia Mediation is owned by Jan Culp who is a life time resident of the Four Corners Area. Her office is located in Farmington, New Mexico but she is available to do mediations in almost any setting. As a qualified and experienced mediator, she is skilled and efficient in assisting clients in reaching practical solutions to challenging problems. Jan is a member of the Association of Conflict Resolution and the New Mexico Mediators Association. She has training in divorce, child custody issues, parenting plans, worksite disputes, domestic violence, sexual harassment, child abuse, civil cases and special education issues. Her 25 years experience as an educator gives her a wealth of knowledge and experience working with children and families.

You can contact Jan by telephone at 505-330-2068.